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Christian Media with the Spirit of Excellence!!

Proverbs 16:3


Christian Inspiration for the Family and Ministry Teaching for Practical Christian Living

WBIS-LP is licensed to Community Care Fellowship- a not for profit organization formed May 2004 for the original purpose of helping burnt-out families; Executive Director, Akela Thigpen.  The original CP (Construction Permit) was awarded on January 31, 2014 by the FCC with the assigned frequency of 107.3 channel 297.  Later, in 2015 due to technical reasons an application was filed to change the frequency to 106.9.  In that same year the request was granted.  WBIS stands for Double Blessing In Store (if you say the “W” fast enough then it will sound just like a “D”)…go ahead and try it… The LP stands for Low Power.  LP stations across the nation are only licensed to transmit at 100watts or less.

LP stations are non-commercial stations and were designed by the FCC to provide service to the communities in its coverage area by making available for local broadcasters to produce local programming, and to have a proportionate amount of educational programming and community awareness.  Although LP stations are non-com and cannot promote “Call to Action” commercials, we can however, produce what is called paid “Announcement Spots” – pretty much like what you would hear on NPR station. 

AwesomeRadio has had an online radio presence since May 2014 at  We originally launched on-air December 12, 2015.  A thunderstorm happened and lightning struck our antenna causing us to only be on the air for about 3 weeks.  August 5, 2016 we re-launched and has been up and running ever since.  To God Be the Glory!!

AwesomeRadio began with a dream in 1997.  This is when Akela Thigpen was first introduced to radio and started as a volunteer at WPNC 1470am in Plymouth NC owned by the Late Apostle T. L. Baylor, Sr. and under the management of his brother, the Late Terrance C. Baylor.  A twenty year dream and promise since 1997 is now in full swing.

AwesomeRadio is not trying to be the biggest, the baddest nor the loudest.  We exist simply to fulfill the need to provide a platform to local broadcasters at an affordable rate.  We exist simply to provide quality Christian Media with the Spirit of Excellence in all of our programming.  We exist simply to educate, raise awareness to our listeners and also to train up the next generation of broadcasters from ages 8 to 108.  We exist simply to be used as God’s vessel for His Kingdom work.   Psalm 16:3